Plumbing Tips


Tip: Never put anything in a garbage disposal you wouldn't eat yourself. The amount you put in matters also.


Tip: If you have a big spike in your water bill you have a water line leak. Some materials are not wise to use for waterlines, in & above ground or for long time.

Cut Offs

Tip: It is always important to know where & how to shut them off. It can be a life and home destroying simple thing not to know.


Tip: If your sink talks back to you after the water is off. Toilet clogs for no reason or is slow to drain.


Tip: Some fixtures can be fixed but does that really extend the life span or just weaken the overall fixture to create another leak. Is that new fixture really the right one to use for my needs?

Water Heaters

Tip: Life span for most water heaters is 10-12 years. Tankless water heaters can last in excess of 20 years.